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Chief Morale Officer

Joined the Community Foundation:

Inspirational Quote:

If you are not the lead dog, the view never changes.


About Max:

Max is nine years old and loves to visit the office.  His main duty is to provide comic relief and ease the stress of the working environment for the staff.  The morning starts out with saying “hi” to anyone that wants to see him and there is always the hope that attention and back scratches will follow. The rest of the day is spent attending meetings (hopefully he doesn’t snore), greeting visitors and sleeping the afternoon away, with one eye open in case he misses something.

When he’s not working…

Max is a certified West Michigan Therapy Dog (WMTD).  The training and certification allows Max and handler, Rená the opportunity to visit patients and residents of many types of facilities.  He’s really looking forward to Ruff Readers, a program where children read to the dogs.  WMTD also participates in parades and other events where the community can get to know the dogs.

A few of Max's favorite things…

Milk Bone
Place to nap:
In front of a fan with his squeaky pal Lamb Chop
Part of his job:
Making the staff smile and keeping rabbits out of the garden at home