GRCF - Old School or Hip Happenin'?

This is Leadership! You will be reading and hearing a great deal more about the Foundation's leadership efforts in the coming months and I hope you enjoy reading the stories and examples. For months, we have been creating ways to tell our story with greater clarity and in a compelling fashion that makes you want to learn more! The power of philanthropy and the strong collaborative nature of our community are dynamic forces! In the Spring 2010 edition of our news magazine Current I wrote about "this thing called leadership" pointing out that there are many efforts where the GRCF staff are addressing key issues and collaborating with many great organizations in our community. In the Summer 2010 edition of Current I wrote about the endowment building capacity of the Foundation and noted that it is definitely a strong form of sustainability - meaning it is truly a relevant and meaningful way to leverage support for major (and minor) issues! Take a look at the grants profiles (scroll down the page a bit) we are posting on the GRCF website along with other publications to gain keen insight on key issues in our area and the great grants we are making coupled with the strength of our staff and volunteers addressing knotty community issues!