I love our donors!

This past Monday we hosted our annual Metz Legacy Society Luncheon at the Prince Conference Center at Calvin College. In a word, it was fabulous! Metz members are those generous donors who have indicated that the Grand Rapids Community Foundation is in their estate plans or who have created a life income gift.

The luncheon featured Micki Maynard the senior editor of Changing Gears heard on Michigan Radio. The program is one of my favorites and is a joint project of public radio stations in Chicago, Michigan and Northeast Ohio. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed her talk and how she weaved in comments about her mother who sounds absolutely delightful and quite a fan of the Detroit Tigers!

The thing of it though, is how I love our donors! The people who support the Foundation are so engaging and interested in what is going on in our community and around the globe. They care deeply and express their opinions freely. And for those of you who know me, I love those opinions! I have been thinking about how much I enjoyed the luncheon and having the opportunity to talk to all of our Metz Society members.

And then today I signed a stack of letters to donors who have given in the past asking them to once again consider a gift! Many of these fine people have been supporters for years. I found myself just smiling as I signed each and every letter remembering a special moment with each person to whom the letter was being sent or just the wonderful causes they care so deeply about. What a privilege!

As I celebrate my 24th year serving as president of the Grand Rapids Community Foundation, I cannot think of any other place to be than here in our Grand Rapids AND at the community foundation. Phenomenal community and phenomenal community foundation!