Is inclusion dangerous?

Got your attention right? This is a tough topic and some think that talking about inclusion and diversity is dangerous territory. I am convinced that moving this community from great to even greater rests with how welcoming we truly are - it is the missing link. Tommy Allen, a friend and community leader, writes for the weekly online magazine Rapid Growth and last Thursday his beautifully written column said all the things I have had a difficult time expressing clearly re: inclusion, embracing difference, cultural competency, and the like. As Tommy writes:
I do have faith that we are a community on the brink of greatness, but only if we are able to "do unto others" by providing a welcoming place for others to call their home, too.

I posted his commentary on Twitter and Facebook with the following statement:
Tommy Allen wrote an amazing and insightful editorial in today's Rapid Growth re: diversity, inclusion and a welcoming community. Yes Tommy you are right - we are on the brink of greatness and we need to not only pay attention but act on this now.

What is holding this community back regarding this? Fear, prejudice, sharing power? If we are to be a community with offerings to attract the best and brightest, attract and retain young talent, and keep the economic engine going, then we need to work very hard on the openness of the region.

I take this very seriously. This Foundation takes this very seriously and we have worked diligently to embrace our differences on the staff and to make good decisions based on our inclusive practices and policies. Good to Great - Great to even Greater. It needs to be addressed and we need not shy away from it.