Survey Says... Pt. 2

These next five findings put our survey respondents to the test. We asked respondents what causes they think Grand Rapids Community Foundation supports. Let’s see how they did:

If you were one of the many survey respondents who said we fund youth-focused programs, you’re right! There are many youth-focused programs we support, including Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s Challenge Scholars and the Youth Enrichment Scholarship. Both programs increase Grand Rapids youth’s access to educational and extra-curricular experiences. The Foundation even has a Youth Grant Committee that discusses youth issues and presents grant recommendations to our Board of Trustees.

Diversity and Inclusion was next on the list of causes survey respondents think we support. DING! DING! DING! We embrace diversity and inclusion in every way, from Our LGBT Fund to our grantee inclusion and purchasing policies. We love diversity and inclusion so much, we received Full Partner Designation from Partners for a Racism-Free Community in 2012 and the Diversity Visionary Award in 2014 from Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce.   

Did you say Grand Rapids Community Foundation cares about strengthening and revitalizing neighborhoods? BINGO! We make grants that support affordable quality housing options in urban neighborhoods and position neighborhood business districts for greater sustainability.

Does Grand Rapids Community Foundation award scholarships for college? Oh YEAH! Most of our survey respondents know we give scholarships, but did you know we lead Kent County in providing scholarships for college? This year, we awarded $1.1 million to 666 recipients.

Last but not least, if you said we support arts and engagement, you’re a winner! We’ve made grants supporting arts and engagement for Art Prize, Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids Children’s Museum and Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, just to name a few.

Check the blog tomorrow to see five myths about the Community Foundation BUSTED!