Inside the Community Foundation

We're All About Growing This Place we Call Home

For nearly 100 years, we've been making grants in Kent County, helping nonprofits prosper and students succeed. We do this with the help of generous donors and the expertise of grantees. 

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We've always been extremely proud of being part of the Grand Rapids community, and now that we're at a point in our lives where we can give back and doing it through the Community Foundation just makes sense to us.

Tom + Mickie Fox - Donor Advisors

By the Numbers

Community Impact

  • $10.4 Million Raised

    Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Last year, we were entrusted with over $10.4 million from our donors.

  • Further Financial Information Available Below

    Our Recent Audit (PDF)

Committed to Our Community

Our Staff

The staff at Grand Rapids Community Foundation is comprised of professionals who are dedicated to their work and to serving the people of Kent County with respect and a high level of personalized service. 

Trustees + Committees

Each person on our 12-person Board of Trustees serves two-four year terms. The Board meets six times a year and members also serve on committees and in advisory roles.

Community volunteers serve on a variety of committees and help make decisions on scholarships awards, review grant applications, advise on our investments and assure the integrity of our audit.

Project GREEN (Grass Roots Economic Empowerment Network)

Housing Prosperity

One of our partners, Project GREEN is teaching us new ways to increase access to generational wealth and prosperity. They provide advocacy training for grassroots leaders to navigate local government systems and advocate for policies. “Project GREEN is paving this two-way street of advocacy and change as it relates to economic empowerment. One way is to help consumers learn how to handle their finances and make the best decisions for themselves and for their household. The other way is to change systems, so that the street is smooth and there are no barriers to meet their financial goals,” says Dallas Lenear, Project GREEN director. Shanelle White, a trained grassroots financial advocate, advocates for policies that would allow people who rent to increase their credit score with consistent rent payments. 

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