2022: Centennial Celebrations

Celebrating 100+ Years of Service and Impact

In 2022 Grand Rapids Community Foundation celebrated our 100th anniversary. This milestone year commemorated a century of responding to the everchanging needs of Greater Grand Rapids, including over $244 million awarded in grants and $21 million awarded in scholarships. It also marked the beginning of a new century of service and impact in our community. We are grateful for our partners who have given of their time, financial resources and thought partnership to create an organization with the strength and vision to make bold change possible.

Our community’s needs have evolved through our history—from the nursing shortage resulting from World War II to the AIDS crisis in the 1980s to the inequities of today. The Community Foundation has a proven track record of responding and working with nonprofit and community partners to address key issues and meet needs that arise.

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Since our founding in 1922, gifts from our donor partners have made it possible for us to award more than $244 million in grants and $21 million in scholarships to benefit our community.

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The lessons we’ve learned over the last century have evolved our approach and sharpened our focus. We’re grateful for all the individuals, families, nonprofits, community leaders and more who have kept coming together to commit their resources, skills, networks, influence and dollars to create a better community.

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As we enter a new century of service and impact amid a global pandemic and racial reckoning, we are not just focused on recovery. Our community deserves better than a return to what was. The time is now to build upon our strengths and lean further into our role as stewards of change in our community. As we strive to help build a better Kent County for everyone, we know that our vision needs the voices of the people who live here, which is why we gathered perspectives from people from all over the county during our centennial year to inform our future.

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