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Somos Comunidad Fund, led by community volunteers, was established to support Latinx focused and driven initiatives. Informed by Latinx communities in Kent County, the advisory committee strives to create an adaptable approach to balance support for immediate needs while addressing root causes of inequity. Support this cause today by contributing to Somos Comunidad Fund. Your gift will support the fund's endowment, as well as provide resources for immediate grantmaking. This ensures your giving will help now and in the future.

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2023 Grant Awards





  • Code on Wheels

    Amount Awarded: $9,725

    Date Awarded:

    This grant supports the running of an afterschool programming club for middle and high school students. The club aims to expose students to technology, game programming, and game asset creation, and provide a fun and engaging way for them to learn about these subjects. This grant was made possible through additional support from the Cherry (Mrs. James) Carpenter Fund for Children.

  • Grand Rapids Area Mutual Aid Network

    Amount Awarded: $15,000

    Date Awarded:

    To provide mutual aid and direct giving support to Latinidad communities, especially those who are under-documented.

  • Grandville Avenue Arts and Humanities

    Amount Awarded: $10,000

    Date Awarded:

    To support Latinx youth in bilingual settings in our three core after school programs: After School Arts, Cook Library After School, and Teen Leaders

  • Hispanic Center of Western Michigan

    Amount Awarded: $15,000

    Date Awarded:

    To remove barriers for Latino community including language, documentation status, etc. to create access to legal services and basic needs.

  • Immigrant Assistance Center of West Michigan

    Amount Awarded: $10,000

    Date Awarded:

    Provide equitable, accessible, and professional reduced-fee legal services to vulnerable populations in immigration with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and the National Visa Center.

  • Movimiento Cosecha GR

    Amount Awarded: $10,000

    Date Awarded:

    Cosecha GR will acquire a large reliable community vehicle to safely transport members and materials to events and it will display the Cosecha campaign theme.

  • No Surrender Running Club

    Amount Awarded: $9,000

    Date Awarded:

    To build organizational capacity and enhance delivery of culturally responsive programming by offering stipends to bilingual Latina/o/é/x youth practice leaders. This grant was made possible through additional support from the Cherry (Mrs. James) Carpenter Fund for Children.

  • Puertas Abiertas

    Amount Awarded: $15,000

    Date Awarded:

    Latinx Youth Program - Using a combination of support groups, counseling, and community activities, the program seeks to support children who have experienced violence heal from their trauma.

  • Puerto Rican Cultural Committee

    Amount Awarded: $10,000

    Date Awarded:

    The Puerto Rican Cultural Committee has been providing cultural and educational experiences for the Puerto Rican community and its allies since 2014. This grant was made possible through additional support from the Charles Evenson Fund for the Environment.

Somos Comunidad Fund accepted applications for funding from community organizations that serve Latinx communities in Kent County for their 2022 grant round. Learn more about the factors that influenced their grant process and decision making.

  • Read the Grant Application Guidelines here

    In our Grant Application Guidelines you can read about eligibility, timeline and the application questions. Click here to view. ¿Prefieres leer esto en español? Haga clic aquí.

  • Visualization of Feedback from Community Engagement

    See an infographic, artistic demonstration of the feedback given at the community engagement sessions. Click here to view.

  • Brigham Consulting Report

    Our 2022 grantmaking process and priorities were informed by feedback gathered at community engagement sessions. Brigham Consulting detailed the process and themes from those sessions. See the whole report here.

  • Information Session about the Application

    On November 9 we hosted an informational session about the grant application and how community listening informed our current grantmaking process, you can view those sessions below. Viewing the session is not a requirement to apply.

    Info Session in English: view here
    Info Session in Spanish: view here

  • Community Debrief Session

    After grant awards were announced, the committee hosted a community debrief session. During this session, staff and volunteers explained the process, the award decisions and invited feedback about the process. Read a summary by clicking here.

A photo of Carlos Sanchez

I am looking forward to two to three decades from now, when people will look at this as the beginning of a different way of doing philanthropy.

Carlos Sanchez, former Somos Comunidad Advisory Committee chairperson

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