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Wherever you are in life or in your career, there is a place for you at Grand Rapids Community Foundation. We bring people together to achieve much more than what any one of us could do on our own.

Together, we make change happen here.

Be Part of a Donor Group

A photo of Scott + Lucy Joswick

Scott + Lucy Joswick, New Philanthropists

“While our names will never be on the front of any buildings, we feel a sense of obligation to financially invest as much as we can in our community’s nonprofits. Through the Community Foundation, we appreciate pooling our money with others who envision some of the same things for our community’s future…We also know the Community Foundation will be here doing good work long after we are gone.”

Philanthropy Leadership Levels

All gifts to Grand Rapids Community Foundation are important and worthy of recognition.

Our Philanthropy Leadership Levels honor donors who give each year to support our community endowment funds (unrestricted or field of interest fund giving).

To learn more, please call a member of our development team at (616) 454-1751.

  • S. George Graves Level (up to $499 each year)

    Named to honor S. George Graves, who in 1923 gave the Foundation its first gift of $25. This modest contribution provided the catalyst for others to give.

  • Patricia "Pat" Edison Level ($500-$999 each year)

    Pat was a former trustee, who served as the first female board chair and our first female executive director. She maintained her commitment to the Foundation as a donor and dear confidant.

  • Jim Carpenter Level ($ 1,000-$2,499 each year)

    A former Trustee, advocate and enthusiastic supporter, Jim epitomized loyalty and service. He catapulted our Foundation’s growth and public image and was instrumental in starting the giving group “Friends” in the late 1980s.

  • Curtis Wylie Level ($2,500+ each year)

    In 1958, a significant bequest from Curtis Wylie transformed the Community Foundation, dramatically increasing our ability to support local nonprofits.

  • Diana R. Sieger Constant Donor Level (gifts made for five years or more)

    Commitment and dedication sum up Foundation President Diana Sieger, who has provided almost 30 years of service. We are grateful for her and all of our donors who have a long history of giving.

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