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The Community Foundation helps individuals, families, nonprofits and corporations achieve their philanthropic goals. Each fund held at the Community Foundation has its own purpose and meaning. Grants from our funds strengthen our community and the lives of the people here. Whatever your giving goals might be, the Community Foundation can create a fund to help you make the most of your philanthropy.

Something for Everyone

Fund options are tailored to you and what you wish to accomplish. Some donors prefer to support the broad, ever-changing needs of the community. Others wish to have more hands-on involvement in grantmaking. And there are options in-between. All funds provide the opportunity to create a lasting legacy that carries on your name or the name of a loved one.

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  • Fund for Community Good (Unrestricted)

    As community needs change, so will the programs that the funds support. Community Foundation staff, committee members and the Board decide how these funds are granted. The funds also support leadership initiatives. View recent grants.

  • Field of Interest Fund

    Donors select a specific area of interest, such as the arts, environment, children or health, and establish a fund to permanently support it. Community Foundation staff, committee members and the Board decide how these funds are granted.

  • Nonprofit Endowed Fund

    Provides endowment funding for a specific nonprofit organization. The organization can build the fund over time. The nonprofit benefiting from the fund can take annual distributions or preserve available dollars for a large expense.

  • Scholarship Fund

    Improve the lives of students with a permanent source of higher education funding. A board-approved volunteer committee reviews applications for the scholarship and selects the recipients based on donor criteria.

  • Donor Advised Fund

    Individuals, families or businesses recommend grants to the nonprofits they care about most. If desired, donors can design a family grantmaking plan that includes the next generation.

A photo of Fred Stella + Teresa Thome

Fred Stella + Teresa Thome, Donor Advisors

We've always loved the giving spirit of Grand Rapids. We want to live in a community that has success at all levels. We care about education, the arts, the environment, and we are very strong allies of the LGBT community.

Donor Advised Fund options

Support the causes you care about through a fund you advise

  • Endowed Fund

    Permanently endowed and each year a percentage of the fund's market value is used for grants that you recommend.

  • Non-endowed Fund

    The entire fund balance is available for you to recommend grants.

  • Considering a private foundation? Let's talk about how a Donor Advised Fund might be a smarter, cost-effective and more flexible solution for you and your family.

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Helping Charitable Dollars Grow

As a fund holder, you have the opportunity to select the investment pool for your fund. See the brochure below for a better sense of our investment philosophy and asset allocation.

Here's an overview of our investment pool options.

Investment Brochure
  • Balanced Plus Pool (our main pool)

    Designed to produce the highest long-term investment returns. This pool is invested 86% in equity type investments and 14% in fixed income.

  • Balanced Pool

    Designed for long-term investing. This pool is invested 60% in Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund and 40% in PIMCO Total Return Fund with no exposure to alternative investments.

  • Social Responsible Investment Pool

    Designed to consider both financial return and social good. Designated for long-term investing, this pool is invested 60% Vanguard FTSE Social Index Fund and 40% TIAA-CREF Social Choice Bond Fund with no exposure to alternative investments.

  • Gift Preservation Pool

    Designed for minimal investment risk and invested in a money market fund. This pool is designed for those who do not want to take either equity or long-term investment rate risk.

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