Giving Back

Making the Most of Your Philanthropy

Grand Rapids Community Foundation has a staff of professionals to help you accomplish your philanthropic goals. Whether you are interested in giving during your lifetime or want to create a gift in your will, we can help. We'll listen and provide ideas and options to help you find your unique way to make our community an even better place to call home.

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"I give today hoping that we will someday experience a world of abundance rather than deprivation… I give as one way of paying forward all the gifts that have come to me. My giving is an investment in the tomorrow I want to live in."

Jason Franklin - One of Our One Hundred New Philanthropists

You Have Many Gift-giving Options

How and what you give depends on what you want to accomplish with your donation. Our development staff is always happy to sit down with you to discuss the best giving options for you.

We also encourage you to discuss your plans with your professional advisor(s).

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  • Cash

    Quick and easy. Gifts of cash can be made online using a credit card or by mailing or stopping by the office with a check.

  • Stocks, Bonds + Mutual Funds

    Receive a deduction for the full fair market value and avoid paying tax on your capital gain. Can provide greater tax benefits than a cash gift of the same amount.

  • Real Estate

    A home, business property or land can be can be given outright or a charitable trust can convert your asset into a gift that produces income. Receive a deduction for the appraised market value value and avoid capital gains tax.

  • Life Insurance

    Add the Community Foundation as a primary, secondary or contingent beneficiary of your policy. Can also receive a deduction for the computed current value of a paid-up policy or premium payments for a new policy.

  • Closely Held Stock

    Receive a charitable deduction for the appraised fair market value and avoid tax on the capital gain. Later, the company may redeem or another shareholder may buy back the stock at its fair market value

  • 401 K + IRAs

    Maximize value by avoiding income and estate taxes. If you are 70 1/2 or older and have excess IRA assets, ask how you can give up to $100,000 to charity, free from income tax through an IRA Charitable Rollover.

Giving Options

Let us Help Find The Best Solution For You

  • Give Now

    Make your gift today. One-time or recurring donations can be made online using a credit card.

    Give Online
  • Give Later

    Learn about smart, easy and cost-effective ways to give through your will or an estate plan. The vast majority of the Community Foundation's assets have come from gifts in a will.

    Will Planning
  • Create Your Own Fund

    Establishing your own fund is a great way to carry on your family name or honor the memory of a loved one. The Community Foundation manages more than 850 separate funds.

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Recent Foundation Facts and Figures

  • Our Assets: $406 million

    Through our permanent endowment we are moving toward a brighter future and managing Grand Rapids Community Foundation's long-term growth and stability.

  • $7 Million Raised

    Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Last year, we were entrusted with $7 million from our donors partners.

  • Grants and Scholarships

    In 2022-2023 we awarded $17 million in grants and scholarships to nonprofits and students in West Michigan.

  • 850+ Funds

    The Community Foundation manages more than 850 different funds, each bearing the name of a special cause, donor or donor family.

Professional Advisors

Let us Help You Help Your Clients

Grand Rapids Community Foundation is the choice for many Grand Rapids philanthropists because of our experienced staff, range of giving options, capacity to accept complicated assets and deep community knowledge. Contact us if we can help you.

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