African American Heritage Fund Reaches Goal

Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s African American Heritage Fund exceeded its goal of $50,000 and now has $60,000 in endowment. The Fund was launched in spring 2006. The focus of the Fund is to build the capacity and support programs of nonprofits that are led by and/or serve African American communities.

“In all, 161 gifts were made to the fund, ranging from $10 to $5,000. Many of our donors have made long-term commitments to contribute to the Fund,” said Jonse Young, planned and major gifts director at Grand Rapids Community Foundation.

“This is just the beginning of what this fund will do. As we grow it with continued support and through the endowment, we’ll be making a difference for people in this community long into the future,” said Bev Drake, chair of the Communities of Color Initiative at the Foundation. Bev will also sit at the helm of the grant committee that will be comprised of individuals from the African American Community.

The committee will be asking for and reviewing grant proposals in May, 2007. To learn more call Jonse Young at 616 4541751 x108.