Community Foundation Named One of 101 Best and Brightest

The Grand Rapids Community Foundation was named one of West Michigan’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For. It is the fourth year that the Community Foundation has been awarded this distinction. The award is based on a set of criteria which includes:

Communication The effective exchange of messages and information and the extent to which employees are encouraged to communicate opinions, issues, and concerns.

Community Initiatives Extent to which the organization is committed to improving the local community, while providing the encouragement and time for employee contribution and participation.

Compensation and Benefits Competitiveness of salary and benefits relative to comparable organizations, as well as the ability to provide a unique benefits and compensation structure.

Diversity and Multiculturalism Extent to which the organization is open and inclusive to people of differing human qualities, promotes a tolerant work environment, and considers diversity and multi-culturalism to be a competitive advantage.

Employee Education and Development Extent to which the organization encourages and supports learning, skill development and career progression.

Employee Engagement and Commitment Extent to which employees are meaningfully and personally connected to their work and their organization.

Recognition and Retention Extent to which the organization recognizes and rewards employee achievements and outstanding performance, and works to retain their Best and Brightest employees.

Recruitment and Selection Extent to which the organization actively recruits using multiple methods, and uses a systematic process to screen and select people who best fit the organization.

Work-Life Balance Extent to which the organization recognizes each employee's need to balance work with family and other demands.

The Grand Rapids Community Foundation is proud of its employees and honors their input and hard work in making the Foundation a great place to work.