Area Elementary Schools Honored as Meijer 'Good Schools'

Grand Rapids Community Foundation, Meijer Recognize Successful Area Schools with Cash Award

Four Grand Rapids elementary schools received $139,000 in grants from the Meijer Good Schools for Grand Rapids Program, which recognizes area elementary schools demonstrating measurable success.

The Meijer Good Schools for Grand Rapids Program is an initiative of the Grand Rapids Community Foundation and is funded by the Meijer Foundation, with support from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation and the Mary I. and Robert C. Pew Donor Advised Fund.

Meijer Good Schools for Grand Rapids rewards area elementary schools based on their ability to address nine benchmarks for student success, including excellent student achievement and attendance, school culture, and rigorous curriculum and instruction. Depending upon a number of criteria, schools are eligible to receive grant awards ranging from $25,000 to $75,000.

Meijer Good Schools grants can be used for any activity that enhances a school’s efforts to meet the program’s benchmarks for success, including professional development and training, parental and community involvement, and equipment and materials for students.

The 2009 Meijer Good Schools grant awards winners include:

  • Campus Elementary School (710 Benjamin Ave. SE) received a $47,000 Meijer Good Schools grant. Campus administration, teachers and parents strive each day to live the vision for their students that “average is not the goal and failure for any student is not an option”.
  • Coit Creative Arts Academy (617 Coit Ave. NE) was awarded a $23,000 Meijer Good Schools grant. Coit provides a positive, nurturing, supportive environment with high standards for behavior and academics. The added “zest” of the arts programming sets Coit apart.
  • Palmer Elementary School (309 Palmer St. NE) received a $44,000 Meijer Good Schools grant. Administrators and teachers are credited for sharing resources in order to do what’s best for the children, and creating an environment of personal respect and school pride.
  • Shawmut Hills Elementary School (2550 Burritt St. NW) was awarded a $25,000 Meijer Good Schools grant. At Shawmut high performance on standardized tests rivals that of suburban districts, and parental involvement adds vibrancy and positively impacts the quality education for all students.

Grand Rapids Community Foundation will hold special daytime assemblies on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2009 at each of the four schools to celebrate their educational achievements. For more information, please call Roberta King at (616) 454-1751.

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