Marilyn Lankfer Receives Community Foundation Award

Attorney Marilyn Lankfer of Varnum, Riddering Schmidt and Howlett was recently presented with Philanthropic Leadership Award from Grand Rapids Community Foundation. This annual award recognizes professional advisors (attorneys, CPAs and financial planners) for their work with the Community Foundation.

Lankfer was recognized for her service on the Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees, including two terms as chair of the Board, as well as her membership on the Resource (grantmaking), Investment Review and Capital Campaign committees. Lankfer’s efforts and relationships with donors, helped make the $1.4 million capital campaign a success. She received a Philanthropic check for $250 which she may give to the nonprofit of her choice.

“We wanted to formally recognize the important role that professional advisors play in the philanthropic gift process at Grand Rapids Community Foundation and so we created the Philanthropic Leadership Award,” said Marilyn Zack, vice president of development for the Community Foundation. The award will be presented each year to a leading professional advisor who has been instrumental in working with Grand Rapids Community Foundation. Some of the accomplishments considered in determining award winners include:

  • Past or present volunteer service to the Community Foundation;
  • Promotion of charitable giving to the community as evidenced by referrals, shared client/donor relationships and participation in Community Foundation activities.