Good Schools Students Celebrate

Three Grand Rapids elementary schools received $91,000 in grants from the Meijer Good Schools for Grand Rapids Program, which recognizes area elementary schools demonstrating measurable success.

The Meijer Good Schools for Grand Rapids Program is an initiative of the Grand Rapids Community Foundation and is funded by The Meijer Foundation, with support from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation and the Mary I. and Robert C. Pew Donor Advised Fund.

Meijer Good Schools for Grand Rapids rewards area elementary schools based on their ability to address nine benchmarks for student success, including excellent student achievement and attendance, school culture, and rigorous curriculum and instruction. Depending upon a number of criteria, schools are eligible to receive grant awards ranging from $20,000 to $50,000. Meijer Good Schools grants can be used for any activity that enhances a school’s efforts to meet the program’s benchmarks for success, including professional development and training, parental and community involvement, and equipment and materials for students.

The 2010 Meijer Good Schools grant awards winners include:

  • CA Frost Environmental Science Academy (1460 Laughlin NW) received a $46,500 Meijer Good Schools grant. Administrators and teachers at this high performing school embrace an environmental theme, which helps tap into children's innate curiosity, inventiveness, and need to explore their natural world.
  • Harrison Park Elementary (1440 Davis NW) was awarded a $23,500 Meijer Good Schools grant. A large school with many challenges, the leadership, teachers and parents at Harrison Park are highly focused using data to improve student learning and well-being.
  • Sherwood Park Global Studies Academy (3859 Chamberlain SE) was awarded a $21,000 Meijer Good Schools grant. Acceptance of individual differences and global awareness are shared values expressed by the staff, parents, and students at this highly diverse school.