Grand Rapids' Hip Quotient on the rise!

Last January I wrote about the impact of social media, the next gen coming forth with new ways to celebrate our great city bringing forward their philanthropic spirit as well! Well I'm back at it again to proclaim, as Todd Ernst does in his blog entry posted on today's edition of Grand Rapids Social Diary, our area's "Hip Quotient" (HQ) is rapidly rising! Todd is an electronic music DJ and promoter extraordinaire and is the resident DJ at Mixology Lounge at the JW Marriott Hotel Grand Rapids and he does so much more! He is also one very nice person.

There are seemingly many efforts underway in our community to attract and retain our next generation to help keep GR and the surrounding areas vibrant and growing! Job creation still reigns supreme for me to attract and retain a strong work force but keeping the vibe going is critical too. Todd knows that I have a few years on the intended audience for his commentary but that doesn't negate my understanding on how the growing Electronic Dance Music (EDM) movement has really taken hold here just down the road from Detroit where this movement has really taken off. (See end note) Rob Bliss is hosting the 2nd annual Grand Rapids Electronic Music Night tonight and it promises to be a grand event. And the weather is cooperating this year too!

We didn't need consultants and task force groups to study how to bring people down to the center of Grand Rapids! It's happening because the next generation is bringing to life what they like to do and they know how to attract the crowds! As Todd so aptly notes, "It's a good time to be part of the evolution in Grand Rapids . . . the Medical Mile is quickly defining medicine for a new generation, Fast Company magazine rated Grand Rapids as "America's Greenest City", we know we got Google's attention during the Google Fiber initiative . . . without question it is an appropriate time to ask the question about Grand Rapids "Hip Quotient" and what we can do individually to increase our region's HQ."

I couldn't have said it better myself! I'm so hip! ;)

Okay here's the caveat: I'm originally from Detroit having moved here a long time ago in the 1970's. I grew up listening and loving Soul music and I still do along with jazz. Electronic dance music may not lead the list of "my" music though I like it; it is "the music" for many in the generations coming up after the boomers! Bring it on I say!