Joint Statement on the Charitable Tax Deduction

Grand Rapids Community Foundation and Heart of West Michigan United Way have issued a joint statement regarding the possible threat and erosion of the charitable tax deduction. This is an important issue and could have negative implications for our community.

We have forwarded this to Rep. David Camp and Rep. Fred Upton who are on the SuperCommittee and represent districts in Michigan with the following message:

"Attached you will find a combined statement from Grand Rapids Community Foundation and the Heart of West Michigan United Way regarding the charitable tax deduction.
In your Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction deliberations please keep in mind the repercussions of any change in the charitable tax deductions. We believe that preservation of this incentive for giving is vital to the work of both the Community Foundation and the United Way. Our ability to make grants and provide programming depends on charitable gifts. The economic downturn has made our work more challenging, not only from a service provision standpoint but from a fundraising perspective as well."

Please read and take action!