One Hundred New Philanthropists: Corey Balkon

A happy childhood and supportive parents who provided a healthy home life, education and encouragement make CPA Corey Balkon grateful for his upbringing and concerned for kids who have less. “I have always had a passion for organizations that help youths.” Those organizations include Kids Food Basket, Junior Achievement and DA Blodgett-St. Johns Home.

“Acting like the accountant that I am, I try to set a goal of what I can give on an annual basis for the next five years. I then break down my goal into three categories (church, community, heartstring or where my passion is) and give to organizations within these categories.”  

What do you get from giving?
I was born and raised in the Grand Rapids area. I have seen what all the family philanthropy has done for our city. I want the next generation to continue investing in our community. I get satisfaction in giving and knowing that our community is a national leader in community philanthropy.”

Why the Community Foundation?

“I support Grand Rapids Community Foundation because of its total effect on our community. I believe the Community Foundation has the resources donors need to support the community in a broad and flexible way. I also feel the Community Foundation is innovative in identifying our community’s future needs, which most likely will be different than today’s needs. “