One Hundred New Philanthropists: Monica Sparks

Monica Sparks is passionate about helping women in business and education. “Women have always pumped the unheard heartbeat of the world. We carry the heartache for many, find a way to foster dreams that are dying and provide hope where there appears to be none. Women naturally cultivate and nurture the individual greatness that shapes competent leaders in our community. Women are selfless and loving, resilient and often operate without the (complete) support needed to maximize their potential. Without education, there is no knowledge of what helped us to get where we are today and no roadmap to guide our children so they can rule tomorrow,” Monica said.

She gives based on personal inspiration and from her heart. “I decide who inspires me and if they are carrying out a mission that I want to be a part of. I love that Grand Rapids Community Foundation allows little ol’ me to be part of the legacy of this community. It makes me proud that my sons will have a great place to grow up, live and call home,” she said. 

What do you get from giving?
Monica talks about the theory that drives her personal life and philanthropy. “I believe in a different monetary system, one called ‘psychic Income.’ Psychic income is a mental reward for giving or assisting someone without expectation of a monetary award. I wish everyone would realize that personal investments, both monetary and physical, will pay dividends that send you into zillionaire status! There is no feeling in the world that will compare to giving with the knowledge that you are making a true difference.”

Why do you support Grand Rapids Community Foundation?
“Are you kidding me? If you live anywhere in or near Grand Rapids, and you are not giving back, then you are missing out on the psychic income I mentioned as well as the opportunity to leave a legacy too. At the Community Foundation, all I see are results! If we don’t continue supporting their mission as community members, then who will?”