One Hundred New Philanthropists: Colin Chelovich and Molly Tupper Chelovich

Colin Chelovich and Molly Tupper Chelovich are motivated to support causes where they have a personal connection. The couple met and fell in love at Butler University. Love, plus the education they received and the fact that Colin is a teacher, gives them a good rationale for supporting Butler.

Where do you give?

“Both of us feel extremely fortunate to have had the educational experiences we have had.  We support Butler and education initiatives of Grand Rapids Community Foundation,” Molly said.  Molly, who provided the quotes for this article, said that the Greater Michigan Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association is also important to the couple. “My maternal grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease nearly 25 years ago, and that certainly has had a big impact on my family over the years.

“We have a budget for giving each year and work to determine where we feel our gifts will have the widest influence for good and best align with our beliefs and areas of interest. We also give to recognize the charitable and philanthropic work of those in our lives, whether family, friends or other community members.”


What do you get from giving?

“Both of us get a great sense of pride by giving back to and supporting the causes that have impacted us and the community in which we live.  We both feel that we give so other people have opportunities and that helping other people succeed is one of the greatest rewards.”


Why do you support Grand Rapids Community Foundation?
“Our support of Grand Rapids Community Foundation allows us to be part of something bigger, while supporting multiple causes within Grand Rapids and Kent County. Through one gift, we can make the community in which we live a better place for present and future generations.”


Molly is a certified financial planner, and Colin recently completed a master’s degree in education and is looking for a teaching position.