Comprenew's Urban Garden

Stepping inside Comprenew, I could tell immediately that this was a place of beautfiul unity between care for the environment and care for people. Their technology recycling services offer a unique and practical way to inspire environmental care and lessen electronic waste. Comprenew Academy is a youth employment program for high rist inner-city youth that provides mentorship, direction and job-readiness training for the workforce.

In addition to recycling computers and preparing to navigate the professional world, the youth employees have planted and maintain Comprenew's community garden! In this video, Cearrea takes a break from recycling computers inside to tell us about the garden, her experience in Comprenew Academy and how she is preparing for the future. Her cheer and aspiration are sure to impress. Way to go, Cearrea!

Comprenew Urban Garden from GRCommFound on Vimeo.