How are YOU Connecting with Community?

We went on location with WOOD TV8 to shoot our upcoming "Connecting with Community" commercial. The topic? You guessed it, youth employment! The kids were good sports about the all of the instruction, positioning and numerous takes. We are excited about the finished product! The spots will be starting soon so keep an eye out! Here are some photos from the shoot.


The morning started out with Kitchen Sage, a nonprofit partnering with Steepletown Neighborhood Services. These young chefs learn cooking and catering skills while working toward servsafe certification. Chef Tommy Fitzgerald, head chef, provides plenty of tricks, wisdom and encouragement. He has a passion for serving food and serving the community. And based on personal experience, their food creations are impressive and delicious!



Pictured to the left is Charalyn Martin, 16. Here are some memorable quotes from my conversation with her.

"I get to do what I love in a really fast-paced setting"

"Butter isn't a bad thing."

"Cheese covers a multitude of sins."

"You need patience to let things sit and marinate. Give it time to make itself. The more you wait, the tastier it is."


After w wrapped up shooting with these aspiring chefs, we headed to the New City Neighbors Urban Farm, where student employees maintain an organic vegetable farm. They provide access to healthy, fresh, local and affordable food through farm shares and the produce stand.


That was the end of shooting, but to top everything off, I stopped in at Breaktime Bakery, New City Neighbors' middle school youth employment program. Good thing I don't work there - I would eat all of the dough! It was the last day for the bakery this summer and the kids were busy mixing, scooping, baking and frosting. It was fun to see the work in process and enjoy a freshly baked cookie for myself!




I have been so blessed to witness our grants in action at these and many other youth employment grantee organizations. Each one is unique and at each one I've been inspired. The leaders of the programs are some of the most passionate people I've met and the kids are excited to be at work! Thank you WK Kellogg Foundation for supporting this program and to each of the eleven grantee organizations for their love of our community's kids.