Helping in Flint

Philanthropy is about finding long-term solutions to a community's problems, but it is also how we respond in a crisis. We urge you to consider doing something for the people of Flint. Beyond donating water--which they will need for the foreseeable future--we ask you to consider helping through the Flint Child Health and Development Fund. Operated by our colleagues at the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, the Fund is endowed and will address the issues that face the children of the Flint area now and for years to come. Lead poisoning has devastating long-term effects especially on the developing brains of children. Even low levels of exposure can lead to learning problems like ADHD, decreased hearing and lower IQ scores. Life is tough enough for kids living in poverty and we know the economic and job situation in Flint is much worse than most areas of Michigan.

The Community Foundation of Greater Flint has promised to update us with information as the situation evolves and as remediation begins. Much of their due diligence will be to look at where services are being provided on the State and Federal level and helping people who might fall through the cracks. No doubt the needs will be great.

The scope of this situation is immense and longlasting, but our willingness to help needs to be immediate. Giving through an endowed fund will ensure resources are available to support Flint residents long into the future.