Locally Driven Philanthropy by and for Communities of Color

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Grand Rapids Community Foundation is among the international grant partners selected for W. K. Kellogg Foundation’s new Catalyzing Community Giving cohort. The initiative seeks to amplify locally-driven philanthropy by and for communities of color, and will provide the Community Foundation with $350,000 over three years.

The Catalyzing Community Giving initiative supports communities of color in using philanthropy to become agents of their own change. It engages donors in issues that disproportionately affect vulnerable children and families in their communities. Thirty-one other community foundations, nonprofits and emerging networks make up the fourth Catalyzing Community Giving cohort, representing a $9.5 million investment by the Kellogg Foundation over three years.

“This grant is a recognition and acknowledgement of the work we have done to partner with communities of color and our commitment to racial, social and economic justice,” said Jonse Young, director of philanthropic services. “It also identifies that we have work to do so all in our community can thrive—and that communities of color are important leaders in this work.”

The support will bolster continuing efforts of the African American Heritage Fund and emerging partnerships in the Latinx community. It will also allow the Foundation to explore potential frameworks, possibilities, or models that may evolve as we learn along with community members.

“Communities of color are using philanthropy to expand giving on their own terms and in ways that are meaningful for their communities,” says Ciciley J. Moore, program officer for WKKF's Office of the President and the lead for CCG. “When people of color direct how resources are invested, it can transform the lives the children and families in their community. CCG helps democratize the field of philanthropy – shifting who we see as philanthropists and creating a more equitable and just philanthropic practice.”

In the first year, the Community Foundation will focus on building its operational capacity. They will engage a consultant(s) to support committees, inform staffing structure, build relationships, fundraise and convene community. A Request for Proposals will be released soon. For more information, contact Jenine Torres at 616.454.1751, ext. 126.