A letter to our community regarding yesterday’s attack

Statement Insurrection 1

On January 6, the cornerstone of our democracy was threatened by a violent domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol. It was heartbreaking to witness. Regardless of our individual politics, we share disappointment and despair as we reflect on the events that transpired. What happens in our nation’s capital is felt here in Kent County and in each community across the nation. 

Grand Rapids Community Foundation is persistently working alongside our partners to create a magnetic and interconnected West Michigan that upholds the basic tenets of racial, social and economic justice. The future we imagine includes opportunities, prosperity and belonging for all our neighbors. Nothing will distract us from that.  

Together with our partners, we remain committed to leveraging our resources, networks and influence to stamp out the inequities that have existed for much too long. We remain hopeful and committed to a better today and tomorrow.  

In love and community, 


Diana R. Sieger, President  
Grand Rapids Community Foundation