PARTNERS in community, summer 2021

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The summer issue of PARTNERS in community explores the ways Grand Rapids Community Foundation and our partners share our collective power and resources to overcome the most pressing issues of the day.

Inside you will read stories of various partners leveraging their power and the tools of philanthropy to make a difference. You will hear about grassroots organizations working together to increase equitable distribution of vaccination resources. You will see stories of donor partners investing in the power of collective giving. Thank you for your part in making this work possible! Read the entire magazine here.


Community-led Response to Equitable Vaccine Distribution

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have reaching effects in Kent County, A group of local volunteers is leading the way to ensure equitable distribution of resources, They are tackling everything from community updates and data to vaccination appointments, creating real change for people in our community. Read about this grassroots approach to equitable vaccine distribution. Click here to read.


A Legacy of Family & Community

Iain and Kalie Charnley believe in the power of collective giving. They value holistic solutions that recognize the intersections of different systems and are eager to set an example of giving and service for their daughters. Click here to read.


PARTNERS in progress

Learn about $1.74 million awarded in grant partnerships from our Fund for Community Good and Field of Interest funds. Click here to read.


Student Leadership: Our Youth Grant Committee in Action

Our Youth Grant Committee has spent countless hours over the past year deep in conversation and learning with local nonprofits and each other. Read about these student leaders and the 18 grant awards totaling $60,000, they recommended this year. Click here to read.


Applauding the Power of Professional Advisors

Professional advisors help their clients bring their philanthropic intentions to life. Each advisor's unique approach and focus adds strength to philanthropy in West Michigan. Read about how Brent Geers, Laura Radle and Ben VerWys are among the many professional advisors creating impact and making a difference for Kent County. Click here to read.


Congratulations on Your Retirement, Lynne!

Lynne celebrates retirement after an incredible 33-year career at Grand Rapids Community Foundation. Retiring as our director of finance, Lynne’s many roles have made a deep impact. Her keen ability to manage all financial aspects of the Community Foundation, including investment pools, financial statements and audits, have helped the organization grow over the last three decades. Click here to read.