Street Work Around GRCF

Expect Delays.

As road construction season begins in Michigan, Grand Rapids Community Foundation will also be experiencing its own street improvements. Overall, new water mains, storm sewers, street lighting, brick pavers, landscaping, bike loops and benches will be installed on Grandville Avenue from Oakes to Weston. We're excited for the change but realize it will cause issues for visitors until early August. Essentially, the entire street from the Bistro Bella Vita corner (Weston) to the Community Foundation corner (Oakes) will be torn up and closed off. Parking on Grandville Avenue  at the meters will be prohibited.

Should you be coming to the Community Foundation for a meeting, plan to park on the east side of our building (nearer to the Van Andel arena) or south (closer to the S curve) to avoid issues. The Ellis parking lot on Grandville Avenue and Market Street will be accessible from the Market Street side, but we urge caution trying to cross Grandville Avenue.

The aerial map here shows the closure.