Three Ways to Quickstart Your Will or Estate Plan

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Planning what will happen to your assets after your lifetime is important. Getting started is the hardest part. Here are three easy steps to help you get started on your plans today:

  1. Get organized. Create a record of your financial information—think about bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement benefits, life insurance policies, property, etc. You’ll also want to create a list of your obligations. Having all of this information in one place will give you peace of mind. It will also make creating your plan easier when you meet with a professional advisor/estate planning attorney.
  2. Consider who will get what. Think through who you want to receive your assets and how/when you want them to receive them. As you consider what heirs will receive, we also encourage you to think through your philanthropic interests. Remember, you don’t have to be wealthy to help support and preserve the things that bring you joy in the community. Ask yourself, how do you want to leave your mark on the community?
  3. Find a professional. Creating a will or estate plan is not something you do every day. To ensure you are considering the best options for your assets and appropriately dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, we recommend working with a professional. We’ve compiled a list of attorneys, accountants and other advisors with whom we’ve worked closely on gifts to benefit the community. 

Get started today by downloading our Personal, Financial & Charitable Record. It provides space for all of the above, and more. We will contact you periodically to remind you to review it and make any necessary updates.

Our development team is also an excellent resource for helping you understand your philanthropic options. They can share creative ideas for making a significant and lasting impact. And with our team, there is no pressure, hourly fees, or legal-speak—just friendly faces, a listening ear and maybe a cup of coffee.

Still feeling unsure about where to begin? We understand, and we’re here to make the first step easy. Reach us at 616.454-1751 to get started.