PARTNERS in community, Spring 2021

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The spring issue of PARTNERS in community explores the ways Grand Rapids Community Foundation is working alongside our partners toward recovery and renewal. As we continue to navigate two pandemics - COVID-19 and the existing racial, social and economic inequities in our community - we are working to reimagine a more equitable, inclusive and just West Michigan.

Inside you will read stories of nonprofit partners collaborating, innovating and shaping our community. You will hear about groups making intentional shifts toward more equitable practices. And, you will hear stories of how donor partners are investing in the future and inspiring renewal. Thank you for your part in making this work possible! Read the entire magazine here.


A Legacy of Education and Service

Derether Greer is deeply invested in Grand Rapids. She volunteers her time and talent to serving the community, and she sees doing so as a blessing to others and herself. "I'm invested because I've seen where my community invested in others," she says. As a retired educator, Derether knows the importance of education and is planning to make an impact that lasts beyond her lifetime. Read about Derether and the legacy she plans to leave to sustain future students.Click here to read.


Together Toward Recovery and Renewal

One year after the emergence of COVID-19 in our community, we are journeying toward recovery. As we do so, Grand Rapids Community Foundation is committed to not returning to what was. Read about the ways we have listened and collaborated with our partners to reimagine a West Michigan more deeply committed to building and sustaining an inclusive economy and thriving community. Click here to read.


PARTNERS in progress

Learn about $1.68 million awarded in grant partnerships from our Fund for Community Good and Field of Interest funds. Click here to read.


Community Education Partners Spotlight

The Community Foundation values collaboration and shared learning, and was inspired by this informal, collaborative group of organizations working to offer unique support for students and families year. Read more about these community education partners by clicking here



Supporting Workforce Development

Our nonprofit partners have been hard at work developing innovative solutions to assist those hardest hit by financial and career losses over the past year. Read about how local partners like Women's Resource Center, West Michigan Center for Arts + Technology, Rende Progress Capital and Start Garden are creating a path forward. Click here to read.


Q+A with NPTAF: A shift toward more equitable grant partnerships

The Nonprofit Technical Assistance Fund for Kent County has intentionally changed its approach and internal practices to shift toward more equitable grant partnerships. Read this interview with Nicole Notario-Risk, NPTAF program manager, about the fund's process and impact. Click here to read.