Arts + Culture

We invest in opportunities that seek to sustain arts and cultural opportunities to advance equity and are led by or primarily reach communities of color. We also invest in leaders and networks that inspire, grow and connect movements aimed at advancing equity.

Recent Grants From This Area





  • Samaritas

    Amount Awarded: $10,000

    Date Awarded: Oct. 2020

    To launch the Gateways for Growth Welcome plan to integrate immigrants, foster economic growth and promote inclusion for all Grand Rapids residents.

  • Institute of Ubuntu

    Amount Awarded: $200,000

    Date Awarded: Jun. 2020

    Supporting the Black Impact Collaborative’s exploration of seven impact areas for the immediate and post COVID-19 recovery for Black and African American people living in greater-Grand Rapids. This partnership was made possible by the Lucy E. Barnett Trust for the Elderly and Fund for Community Good.

  • Immigrant Connection

    Amount Awarded: $100,000

    Date Awarded: Dec. 2019

    Supporting program expansion and outreach efforts to provide low-cost legal services to immigrants to secure legal status, citizenship, and family unity.

  • Nonprofit Technical Assistance Fund

    Amount Awarded: $80,000

    Date Awarded: Dec. 2019

    For consulting services to help meet technical and organizational capacity needs.

  • KConnect

    Amount Awarded: $375,000

    Date Awarded: Oct. 2019

    To align and integrate the work of public, private, and nonprofit sectors in order to dissolve systemic inequity across the prenatal to career continuum, while improving outcomes for all.

  • Latina Network of West Michigan

    Amount Awarded: $450,000

    Date Awarded: Oct. 2019

    To put systems in place and build the capacity of the organization for long-term sustainability, leadership development and mission-driven impact.

  • Grand Rapids African American Museum and Archives

    Amount Awarded: $150,000

    Date Awarded: Aug. 2019

    To support pre-campaign efforts toward the goal of establishing a permanent home and to encourage continued efforts toward organizational sustainability and archiving collections.

  • Senior Sing Along

    Amount Awarded: $10,000

    Date Awarded: Aug. 2019

    Arts enrichment programming at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

  • The Diatribe

    Amount Awarded: $10,000

    Date Awarded: Aug. 2019

    Supporting the 2019-2020 Poetry Empowered program.

  • Westside Collaborative

    Amount Awarded: $150,000

    Date Awarded: Aug. 2019

    To create authentic empowerment of neighbors and families to influence the challenges and barriers they face in community.