Careers + Financial Stability

We look to fund organizations that support workforce development to increase career advancement opportunities and a sustainable living wage for low-wage workers. Consideration is also given to organization that improve financial stability for families by improving access to existing community resources.

Short-term Outcomes

  • Low- skilled, low - to - moderate income residents advance to higher skill jobs paying living wage
  • People receive public benefits for which they qualify
  • Residents gain entrepreneurial skills
  • The number and diversity of locally owned businesses grow

Recent Grants From This Area





  • Grand Rapids Nehemiah Project

    Amount Awarded: $150,000

    Date Awarded: Oct. 2018

    Supporting the “Ignite: The Movement” capital campaign to purchase and renovate 1530 Madison Ave to create a permanent, sustainable, and multi-use space created through an economic and racial equity lens.

  • The Right Place Foundation

    Amount Awarded: $50,000

    Date Awarded: Aug. 2018

    Support for participation in an Inclusive Development Lab where outreach and research exercises will lead to a compelling business case for inclusion.

  • Immigrant Connection at City Life Church

    Amount Awarded: $10,000

    Date Awarded: Apr. 2018

    To train more individuals to become certified by the Department of Justice to provide legal education and counsel to more immigrants to legally attain permanent residency or citizenship.

  • Rende Progress Capital

    Amount Awarded: $100,000

    Date Awarded: Apr. 2018

    For small business lending to Excluded Entrepreneurs in the Grand Rapids/Wyoming area facing barriers to accessing traditional capital due to racial bias.

  • Grand Rapids Nehemiah Project

    Amount Awarded: $50,000

    Date Awarded: Feb. 2018

    Rising Grinds Cafe, a locally owned social enterprise that provides employment and professional development for youth and other residents around Grand Rapids' Southtown District.

  • Hispanic Center of Western Michigan

    Amount Awarded: $300,000

    Date Awarded: Feb. 2018

    Development of economic opportunity pathways in the Latino community.

  • Northern Great Lakes Initiatives

    Amount Awarded: $25,000

    Date Awarded: Dec. 2017

    Support for outreach and awareness building of the organization's ability to provide loans and business services to underserved and minority populations of Grand Rapids.

  • Start Garden

    Amount Awarded: $100,000

    Date Awarded: Dec. 2017

    Supporting the "100 Ideas" initiative, which seeks to revitalize entrepreneurship in low to moderate income neighborhoods in Grand Rapids through access to financial capital and entrepreneurial supports. 

  • Comprenew

    Amount Awarded: $6,000

    Date Awarded: Oct. 2017

    Supporting Comprenew Connect, computer literacy classes to bridge the digital divide among low-income populations.