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Our community has a great legacy of giving back and growing Grand Rapids. You can be part of the future of philanthropy by joining One Hundred New Philanthropists. 

Grand Rapids' Next Generation of Philanthropists

Yes, You Are a Philanthropist!

Grand Rapids Community Foundation is seeking a new generation of philanthropists to help us usher in our second century of improving the city today and marking out its path for the future. By 2022, when we celebrate being 100 years old, we will recognize one hundred community-minded people who have a clear vision for the Grand Rapids of tomorrow.

How to Become a New Philanthropist

Being a New Philanthropist Requires Four Things

  1. 1 Volunteer

    Be engaged in the community by getting involved with a committee or hands-on volunteering. 

  2. 2 Give Now

    Support the Community Foundation with an annual gift to the Fund for Community Good at a minimum level of $500 a year, or establish a Donor Advised Fund or Named Field of Interest Fund.

  3. 3 Give Later

    Create a provision in your will or estate plan for the benefit of Grand Rapids Community Foundation.

  4. 4 Share Your Story

    Formulate a statement about why you give to the Community Foundation and tell us about the causes you care about.

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The opportunity to join One Hundred New Philanthropists closes on July 1, 2021! Download and complete the pledge form to let us know you will help the Community Foundation usher in our next century of impact.

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Brent and Ronda Geers

“What we get from giving is being a part of a community where the needs of the people are met. To us, it’s almost an act of citizenship, a responsibility to the community. The Community Foundation is an unsung hero in our community. Few things happen in Grand Rapids apart from them. Back in 1996, Brent benefited from the Community Foundation’s work as a scholarship recipient and, in part due to many other contributors, we’re now able to become philanthropists."

Giving Feels Good!

Ryan Slusarzyk

“I give for the sole reason of helping others. Not to be recognized, praised or rewarded, but to know that I am somehow making a difference in someone’s life. But the feeling you get from giving—it gives a sense of worth and purpose, probably greater than anything I’ve ever felt. It is an emotion that is somewhat indescribable, yet entirely rewarding. I support Grand Rapids Community Foundation because of what it stands for and the bravery, positive attitude and continued leadership that it brings to our community. I have faith in the Community Foundation and the staff, knowing they want to make this area better and that community needs do not go unnoticed."

Giving is a Part of Her

Linsey Gleason

“Giving is a win-win-win for me. There are few things as powerful as watching someone feed their passion through philanthropy, especially when it's collaborative. The feeling you get from knowing you're making a difference in the lives of others is infectious. Giving is an important part of who I am and I know I'm doing the best I can with my dollars when I reinvest them in the community that's so important to me. Every interaction I've had with Grand Rapids Community Foundation has impressed me. The organization's strength and can-do philosophy has allowed our community to be front-runners in promoting inclusion.”

A Soft Spot for Challenge Scholars

Brian Bakker

“I have increasingly felt that I should be doing more to support the community. I give to organizations that attempt to give children, often with heavy odds working against them, a better chance at having control over their future. I was drawn to the Community Foundation’s Challenge Scholars program. A part of me cringes every time I hear complaints about the quality of our city’s public schools. How cool would it be if, one day, people insisted on living downtown specifically for the high quality of its public schools? Challenge Scholars encourages students to think critically about the long-term impact a college-equivalent education can have on their lives. It incentivizes them to prepare by achieving higher academic goals today."

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