Survey Says Pt. 3: Myth Busters

Five Myths about Grand Rapids Community Foundation: BUSTED


MYTH 1: Grand Rapids Community Foundation is all about Grand Rapids. We fund all of Kent County. This map shows how the Foundation impacts Kent County and beyond.

MYTH 2: Grand Rapids Community Foundation is mysterious. Our aim is to be accessible and as transparent as possible. If you want to know more about Grand Rapids Community Foundation, visit to read Current, our quarterly journal, and our annual reports. For the most up-to-date news, follow us on social media.

MYTH 3: Grand Rapids Community Foundation only supports high-profile nonprofits. Our Community Foundation supports nonprofits of all sizes with grantmaking. For instance, we’ve recently funded The Spoke Folks and The Women’s Resource Center. They’re pretty grassroots. To see our most recent grants, click here.

MYTH 4: Grand Rapids Community Foundation is an elite, high class society. We’re all in this together. We believe in creating and sustaining a vibrant, inclusive and magnetic community where all Grand Rapidians feel welcome. Once you get to know our staff and the work we do, we think you might change your mind.

MYTH 5: Grand Rapids Community Foundation is only concerned with large donations. All of our donors are extremely generous, no matter what size the gift. There is a donor who gives Our LGBT Fund $20 a month and has since the fund’s inception—we’re very grateful for that support.

Thank you once again for participating in the Grand Rapids Community Foundation social survey. Kind words about our commitment to strengthening Grand Rapids and useful suggestions for improvement will fuel our future growth.