PARTNERS in community, fall 2021

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The fall issue of PARTNERS in community explores the ways Grand Rapids Community Foundation and our partners are adapting, using our collective power and resources to overcome the most pressing issues of the day.

Adaptive could mean transformational, and it could mean building off actions that have a positive impact. Adapting and responding to community needs is what we’ve always done and will always do. We are community builders, and our community deserves nothing less. Thank you for your part in making this work possible! Read the entire magazine here.


Northouse Nursing Scholarship Make its First Award

Jerica Boss, a nursing student with a passion for the field, is the first awardee of the Northouse Nursing Scholarship. Peter and Laurel Northouse have established multiple scholarships for targeted purposes with special meaning to them. Click here to read.


Learning With and From New Americans

When immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers can fully participate in their communities, they enrich our region’s cultures, traditions and creativity. Grant partners like Justice for Our Neighbors, Treetops Collective and Immigrant Connection are making impact. Click here to read.


PARTNERS in progress

Learn about $1.31 million awarded in grant partnerships from our Fund for Community Good and Field of Interest funds. Click here to read.


Donor Advised Funds Create Opportunity For Impact

The Community Foundation is proud to partner with many philanthropists, guiding resources of time or treasure to make impact in Kent County and beyond. Creating a fund that makes grants you recommend is one way to support your vision for our community’s future—and ensure the Community Foundation’s future adaptability. Click here to read.


A Legacy of Passion & Planning

Max Doering and his wife Lois were committed philanthropists who prioritized giving throughout their lives and in their estate plan. Their gift, which established the Max H. and Lois Doering Unrestricted Fund, will meet community needs for decades to come. Click here to read.